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Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions below carefully. Last updated 22/01/2019.


If you choose to have us host your site, then you will be charged an annual maintanance fee, this fee starts at £50 per year for the 'Startup' package; £100 per year for the 'Business' package; £150 per year for the 'Enterprise' package.

However these annual fees are subject to change at our discretion, depending on a number of factors including but not limited to; the price of your domain on renewal, the bandwidth or storage requirements of your site and the number of visitors. We will notify you 1 month in advance of your renewal date if we have to increase the annual fee.

Failure to pay the annual hosting fee within 1 month of the due date will result in the termination of your hosting and your domain will not be renewed. You still reserve the right to request access to your website files however.


If you choose to host your site with us please be aware that while our hosting partners are very reliable we can not guarantee your sites uptime and will not be held responsible if your site is temporarily unavailable for any period of time due to factors that are outside of our control.


If you do not have a domain, then we will provide one for free, this offer only applies under the following circumstances; The annual renewal cost for your domain must not exceed £20 and you must have your site hosted with us to be eligible for this offer.

Resource Limits (Storage)

If you choose to host your site with us then the following limits apply. The combined size of the files on your website must not exceed the following limits:

If these limits are exceeded then your annual hosting charge may increase at a rate of an additional £5 per extra Gb of storage needed.

Resource Limits (Bandwidth)

If you choose to host your site with us, then we will monitor the bandwidth usage of your site. Bandwidth refers to how much data is transferred to and from your site over a period of time. While we have no hard limits on the bandwidth your site can use, if we feel that your site is taking so much bandwidth as to adversely affect other clients sites then we reserve the right to increase your annual hosting charge.

Additional Pages

All packages come with a fixed alloted amount of static pages included in the quoted price. If you require more pages than the maximum, then each additional page will incur an additional charge at £50 per page. This fee is subject to change depending on the complexity of the page(s) being added, and this is down to our discretion.

CMS (Content Management Systems)

While we do not generally use Wordpress of other content management systems for our client sites, if this is a feature that you require then we are happy to work with you. Implementing a CMS such as wordpress will incur an additional charge of between £150 - £300 depending on your site. If you require a custom CMS then the additional charge will start at £500 and could be higher.

Prohibited Content

We will not design sites that host or link to sites with the following content, including but not limited to: Pornography, hate commentary or content, racist or inflammatory content and content promoting illegal activities. Any content uploaded to your site using a CMS we have provided or other method that violates this policy will result in you being notified and could result in your site being taken down and the contract terminated.

Website Compliance

Various EU laws govern the way websites are allowed to use and store personally identifiable information about its visitors. For example the Cookie Policy, states that any visitors to a website must be notified about the use of cookies (if applicable). All our websites use Google Analytics, to track visits and collect basic non identifiable information about that visit. Google Analytics uses cookies to store this data.

We provide all our sites with basic cookie notifications to alert users to the presence of cookies on our sites. Likewise the vast majority of our websites are compliant with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) by default, as no personally identifiable data is stored.

However, compliance with these policies and laws is ultimately the clients responsibility. You must ensure the way that your website handles personally identifiable data is clearly layed out, and that you have a policy in place for handling requests for access to that data.

Site Content

Any stock imagery purchased by us, is provided only for use on your website. You do not have permission to use any stock imagery on your website for print or other media. Assets (such as icons or logos) created by us during the design process may be used in other media only with our prior permission. Assets (such as logos) you have commissioned may be used in any form of media.

Content Policy

It is your responsibility as the client to provided images and content that are original and are not copyrighted nor copied from another site. We will not be held responsible for the content on your site and if we have reason to believe your site is willingly hosting copyrighted works this will result in you being notified and could result in your site being taken down and the contract terminated.


All our packages come with basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this is the process by where we optimize your content and site to help your site get the best visibility on search engines. We do not guarantee any specific search engine ranking nor do we guarantee any number of visitors to your site.