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Designing Pharmaclinics.

Pharmaclinics are qualified aesthetic practitioners based in Liverpool. They came to us wanting a fresh website to accompany their new business.

We worked with the guys over at Pharmaclinics to come up with not only a website but a logo as well. We added a simple contact form and focused on providing a clean efficient user experience.

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Designing a logo.

The first step we took was to help the client design a logo that would fit well with their business aesthetic. The client provided us with a colour palette that was based around natural skin colours. The client also picked out some blue tones which contrasted nicely with the lighter tones.


We took the clients colour palette and experimented with different iconography and colour combinations, coming up with multiple logo ideas, for the client to work with.

pharmaclinics logo sample 1 pharmaclinics logo sample 2 pharmaclinics logo sample 3 pharmaclinics logo sample 4

The final result.

The final logo used a similar typeface to the original one, and used a heavier font weight to place emphasis on the 'clinics' part of the name. The colours that were decided upon were two skin tone colours creating a diagonal gradient fill of the lettering. High quality vector and high resolution bitmap versions were provided to the client for use in print and other media.

pharmaclinics final logo

Designing the website

Colours & Backgrounds

Once the logo design had been finalized, we then went about designing the website. Since we knew that the logo would look best on a darker background as opposed to a lighter one we choose one of the blue shades above as our primary colour. As this colour is quite dark, we went with white text to ensure it was legible.

For buttons we used a 'ghost' style design which we felt were very elegant and didn't distract too much from the imagery. For styling links we used a transition to one of the palette skin tones on hover, which stood out well on both light and dark backgrounds. To avoid the website appearing too dark, we made sure to break up the darker background sections with sections where the background was white or a light shade of grey. For these sections we went with a shade of black that was not too bold nor too light.

Colour Palette
#24222C for the background
#F5BD7F for active menu items/links
#444444 for body text
#777777 for headers
Buttons & Links Styling
Font Family
Header sample, Questrial 22px

This is a sample of the font face we used for the body text on the Pharmaclinics site. It is Questrial at a size of 16px.

Site Style & Layout

We decided to go with a very elegant parallax design with heavy use of imagery. Since this was a new business and the client was not yet well established we decided to use high quality stock imagery to add impact to the site.

pharmaclinics imagery 1 pharmaclinics imagery 2 pharmaclinics imagery 3 pharmaclinics imagery 4

Final Features & Conclusion

Finally, we worked on adding content. The client was very helpful with this part of the development process in providing excellent writing and content for us to fill out the site with. We knew from the start that this site would not require any fancy or over the top features, so we opted for a simple contact form along with a google map implementation on the contact page, allowing potential customers to easily contact them.

Since the business is all about personal interaction with each customer we tried to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to get contact information at a quick glance, by placing contact details on not only their own dedicated page, but also on the header and footer of every page too.

We really enjoyed designing this website for Pharmaclinics. If you're looking for a website like this, then why not get in touch now?
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